Dreux Records is the music production company of Jesse Hamlin. Jesse is a composer, producer, engineer, and performing musician local to Portland, OR. Although he has been playing and writing music his entire life, he first introduced himself to the Portland music scene with his band "Shannon Entropy" and more recently with his new project "Internet Beef." Aside from performing he has been serving the music community as a producer and engineer for many area bands, singer/songwriters, rappers, and film producers.

Dreux Records is more than a production company or a recording studio. Jesse is passionate about "artist development" and works hard to collaboratively compose, pre-produce, and perfect tracks with his artists as well as helping them build their brand with social media campaigns, booking, building press kits and press releases, content curation and web design. Jesse is dedicated to not only giving his clients a perfect product, but also the tools to build a sustainable artistic brand, and the power to share their art with others.